Junior tournament this weekend!

St George’s is happy to host the St. George’s Junior Tournament this weekend from Friday July 5 to Sunday July 7! Tournament play starts at 5:00 pm today, and continues throughout the weekend. You can see the schedule here: http://novascotia.tenniscanada.com/2019-st-georges-junior/. Courts may become available for members’s use at the end of each day - please call to check with the host. We encourage club members to come out and see some great junior tennis!

Our courts are open!

The lines are down, the nets are up, and our courts are open for play! We are immensely grateful for the efforts of our dedicated staff and volunteers in making this possible. Please call the club or check our Facebook page for updates regarding court availability and programming. We ask that all members submit their membership forms and payment before playing.

We also wish to remind members to join us for our annual spring meeting tomorrow at 7 pm in the clubhouse. We will be making a special presentation to our member Dave Piers. See you there!

Courts, New Coach, and May 30th Spring Meeting!  

Our volunteers and staff have been working through challenging weather, and we are looking to put down lines and open the courts in the coming  days.

We are also happy to welcome our new head coach Stefan Hall to the club. Stefan has Club Pro 1 certification through Tennis Canada and has coached previously at the Atlantic Tennis Centre. We look forward to a great summer with Stefan!

Finally, we encourage all members to join us for our annual spring meeting on Thursday May 30th at 7 pm in the clubhouse. See you there!

November 22, 2018 Annual General Meeting - Nominating Committee Report

2018 Nominating Committee Report:

Penny Kuhn, Ian MacInnis, and Julie McLean formed the Nominating Committee in 2018. The Committee is proposing the below slate of officers for election to the St. George’s Lawn Tennis Club Board of Directors at the 2018 Annual General Meeting to be held on November 22, 2018:

President:                             Greg Milner

Past President:                     Ian MacInnis

Vice President:                     Peter Conlon

Vice President:                     Simon Lake

Secretary: Iain MacLeod

Treasurer:                             Chris Ryan

Member at Large:               Jennifer Campbell

Member at Large:               Gilda Greenough

Member at Large:               Kristine Leppard


If the membership would like to make any nominations, in keeping with the Club’s constitution and By-Laws, please send them to Ian MacInnis, Nominating Committee Chair, at ian_macinnis@hotmail.com. Please find information on the election of officers below.


a) The Board of Directors shall appoint a Nominating Committee which shall consist of one (1) member from the Board of Directors and two (2) members drawn from the general membership of the Club.

b) The Nominating Committee shall select from the members of the Club a slate of candidates for election to the Board of Directors. Members selected by the Nominating Committee must consent to their selection.

c) The Nominating Committee shall make a report in writing to the Board of Directors setting out the names of such candidates, their qualifications and attributes considered, and the offices for which the candidates are being nominated. This report should contain information which the Nominating Committee relied upon in making their selections.

The incumbent Board of Directors shall review the report deferentially, with mind to considerations such as the good standing of the nominated candidates and potential conflicts of interest. Following this review, the Board of Directors will vote to approve the proposed slate of candidates

d) Coinciding with the notice of the Annual Meeting (ten (10) days prior to the meeting), the Nominating Committee shall make available to the membership the proposed slate of candidates for election to the Board of Directors and a report which contains information relied upon by the Nominating Committee in making their selections.

e) Up to seven (7) days before the Annual Meeting the Nominating Committee shall accept additional nominations from the membership. Any two (2) members of the Club in good standing may nominate any member in good standing for election, provided that the member so nominated consents to the nomination. If any particular seat is contemplated by the nominating members, this must be declared to the Nominating Committee.

f) Notice of any contested seats shall be provided to the membership five (5 days) prior to the Annual Meeting. All contested seats shall be resolved via preferential voting.