Winners of the 2017 St. George's Closed Tournament

Thanks to everyone who came out to our year-end closed tournament. Congratulations to all the winners!

MOS – Iain MacLeod

MOD – Peter Conlon & Luke Conlon

WOS – Shyla Gupta

WOD Jennifer Campbell & Allison Chubbs

MXD – Jennifer Campbell & Greg Milner

Ladies Novice Singles – Sue Ehler

W45S – Kathy Moggridge

W45D – Elizabeth Fowler & Kiloran German

M60D – Greg Milner & Mazen Khatib

W60D –Elizabeth Fowler & Kiloran German

Upcoming Matches at St. George's

Head down to the club to see some of these upcoming matches from our club tournament:

Mens Open Doubles - Tuesday September 12th at 6 pm (Peter & Luke Conlon vs. Iain Macleod & Donnie Ehler)
Women's Open Singles - Thursday September 14th at 4:30 pm (Jill Robertson vs. Shyla Gupta)
Mixed Open Doubles - Sunday September 17th at 4:30 pm (Jill Regan & Joe Wright vs. Jennifer Campbell & Greg Milner)
Men's Open Singles - TBC (Luke Conlon vs. Iain MacLeod)